Lenovo G50-80: The Perfect Laptop for Your Daily Business Needs

Laptops have become an integral part of our lives. A few years ago, desktop computers were preferred and commonly used; however, with the advancement of technology and affordability, many people are now using laptops for personal use as well as for official purposes.

Laptop business has a huge competition as there are so many companies coming up with new models with some great features at an affordable price. This is putting people in a fix about which brand of laptop they should purchase. On the other side of it, this also gives a lot of options to consumers to pick a laptop of their choice, which meets their requirement and budget. With Amazon online shopping, you can avail great offers on this laptop model.

Lenovo G50-80

Lenovo is a very popular brand when it comes to laptops, and they have always come up with some amazing models, which has made them one of the top sellers and the most preferred brand when it comes to laptops. There are a lot of models that Lenovo has launched till date; however, Lenovo G50-80 stands out to be a top pick for all your daily needs both for personal as well as professional use.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day in SEO Style!

Are you an SEO professional that breathes backlinks and search engine optimization strategies day-in and day-out?

Well, fortunately or unfortunately, the chances are high that your girlfriend would have to deal with such styles of proposals and Valentine’s wishes!

It’s also a different thing that most of the startup founders, pro-bloggers and hardcore internet marketers may still be engrossed in their blogs, and SEO projects on a Sunday, while the rest of the world would be busy dating, and buying chocolates/roses for their Valentine.

If you have any other witty Valentine Day wishes for geeks and SEO folks, do share them. And, on a serious note, do take out some time for your Valentine to bring a smile on their face this V-Day.

Wishing a very happy Valentine’s Day to all my readers

– With loads of love
Om Thoke

My Goals for 2016

I had published my goals for 2015, which I was partially able to accomplish, and adding to those, here’s my list for 2016-

Calling all the Startup Companies in Bangalore

There has been a steep rise in number of startup companies in bangalore over the past couple of years, and every startup founder is going gaga over funding, so I thought it’d be a good idea to share the importance of business planning and chalking out the proper strategy with the young entrepreneurs.

I’d be one of the speakers at Payoneer’s event at J W Marriott Whitefield, Bangalore on Dec 16, 2015, where I’d talk a little about my journey of 8 years of entrepreneurship, how some of funded startups failed due to lack of proper business planning, while even well-planned bootstrapped companies went on to become the next Unicorn and got valuated at billions of dollars.

You can register for the event on http://bit.ly/PayoneerBangalore and sign up for Payoneer services on http://bit.ly/1o7gQNy

Working on My First Novel!

It’s been quite sometime i hadn’t blogged on www.omthoke.com and one of the prime reasons obviously was the fact that i was in the process of moving this over to a new domain, which sadly took a lot longer than expected, because i was too occupied with some big projects.
Recently, we delivered the AudiPune.in website, and about to deliver one of the biggest e-commerce portals, which might become the Amazon for construction industry; these two projects chewed most of my time over past couple of months, and even when i was in U.S. for couple of weeks, i wasn’t able to focus much on my US operations. However, whenever i found some time during wee hours of the night, i kept writing my novel, and I’ve written quite a few pages, but still need to perhaps add another 80-100 pages to pack some more punch to the unfinished storyline.

My New Goals of 2015 (Revisited)

I know i’ve been away from my blog for quite some time, and now i’m restarting it with a series of Sales-a-thon, where i’d be doing case studies of sales we do every week.

Our Objective: A Sales a Day keeps the unwanted BD (Business Development Knuckleheads) Consultants Away!

Now, so whether we call this a “Twist of Fate” (reminds me of Jeff & Matt Hardy from WWE) or progressive (the Audi way!) thinking, my aim, vision, and goals for 2015 have kinda changed, and I’ve penned it down from a to z (may sound lil complex like the Constitution of India) quite literally –