Calling for Aspiring Entrepreneurs and Interns

I’m back to my old resolution, but with a small twist… I realized that I CAN’T HELP 50 entrepreneurs in 2014, so I had to cut it down to 10, and I’m already working with 5 of them, and I know 3 more that I’d be working with, leaving out just 2 more slots, and few more are also currently in talks with me, but I gotta’ decide in Feb. Thanks to all those who’ve contacted me, but pls understand that I’m working first with those who have got the time, potential, and resources to succeed faster, but are currently struggling at the moment!

In the mean-time, I’m on a mission to at least HELP 50 people in 2014 and have a positive impact on their lives… Have started 13 of them, and helping 7 others already… Unfortunately I’ve realized that I can only help THOSE who can devote a LOT of time, and students, full-time salaried professionals, and housewives don’t fall under that category due to their other commitments. (so I’d appreciate that people from these categories DON’T approach me, and if you do, then better be prepared to give me min 9 hrs a day or don’t waste my time pls!!!)

Third goal for Feb is to build the two companies that we’re acquiring, and then launch the internship cum training program for at least 50 students at Webfosys Networks.

#Freshers, and final year #students from BE/BCA/BA/ with excellent aptitude, and English pls contact me if you’re interested to get trained on Web Design, SEO/Digital Marketing, and Mobile app development – we’d be started out batch in third week of Feb!

Aspiring #entrepreneurs, if you’re struggling to manage your venture, and need a Technical/Managing Director then feel free to contact me, provided you’re willing to let me TAKE CHARGE, and bring things under control under my management!

Comedy of the Year 2013 – Encounter with an EE!

Just as 2013 comes to an end, I couldn’t resist myself from posting this funny encounter I had, with an electronics engineer few days ago, who thinks that designing chips is the best thing in the world, and businessmen are dumb-heads, who couldn’t learn programming so they started something! Anybody can write, but no everybody can code, SEO professionals are useless morons, and website designers have monotonous life as they design the same old stuff!

So, here’s how it goes – I call it the Comedy of the Year 2013 -

EE (Elec Engineer): Hey buddy what are you up to these days – seeing you after 6 yrs – I heard you had started a startup!
Me: Nothing much, doing my stuff as usual – yeah I started about 6 years ago, correct!

EE: So, did you know we’re making that really cool chip, which will be equipped on 1 million devices, and I even got employee of the quarter award this time; by the way what do you make?

Me: Great, congrats – I make Money!
EE: But how – you don’t make anything great like us!

Me: Well, we create websites, market them, do the branding, and all that stuff!

EE: But our chips are so darn expensive, and your sites are so cheap – what’s the cost of a domain and a website development?

Me: Probably $8-20, and $200-500 respectively

EE: Oh that’s all? Our devices cost about a million bucks to manufacture, and we could probably have 10,000 sites in that much money

Me: Correct, but all of them will be worth ZERO if they’re NOT marketed!

EE: Marketing, huh – so what do you do? Like rocket science – some secret campaign? Something really high-profile?

Me: Nope, just simple down to earth stuff – SEO (search engine optimization), and helping it rank on Google and other major search engines

EE: Hmm that sounds kinda’ odd – how do you control what Google does?
Me: We don’t! We just try to ensure that the site is properly optimized, loaded with good contents, and has enough popularity to show up in the top results.

EE: Ah gotcha – so you don’t do anything, and pray to god that it works!
Me: Lol if that makes you happy, then you’re free to think so, but a lot goes behind the scenes, and making it work.

EE: Hmm… Dude that’s beyond my understanding! I do what I can control… anyway, what’s your wife up to these days? She works for you?
Me: Nope she works for happiness, and currently with HP!

EE: Happiness, HP? Eh, I work for XXX (company name hidden) and they hire only the elite, and pay me Rs xxx,xxx/month

EE: BTW what’s your salary like?
Me: How does it matter – I can draw as much as I like!

EE: Oh you mean you need to keep adjusting your salary? By the way, I just bought this cool new expensive car (Honda Accord lol!) dude I had to pay 4L down-payment and EMI is 40k+; what do you drive BTW – Maruti, Hyundai?
Me: Nope, Volvo!

EE: Lol you travel by bus? I thought you had a small car too!
Me: Well yeah I had a small car but sold it long back, and currently I’ve a few sedans… Today, I came by Volvo s80 3.2 turbo-charged 250hp version

EE: Really? When did Volvo start making cars in India? So it’s a diesel?
Me: Nope, it’s imported, and it’s petrol, because diesels aren’t as much fun to drive!

EE: Really? It must be pinching your pockets – whats the FE?
Me: 5-6kpl

EE: WTF – how do you drive it? Don’t use it too often? I’ve been so pissed with my Accord giving me 7-8kpl and I barely take it out.
Me: I drive it daily, but I enjoy long-drives more often during the nights on highways! What’s the fun of keeping a car if you don’t drive it!

EE: Eh, what’s your income level now? Hmm secret, eh? Okay don’t give me figures, just tell me an approximate, and you don’t have to feel bad – I’m 12 years senior to you, so it’d take time to grow! So, you inherited a fortune, got some dowry?

Me: LOL I don’t believe in taking dowry and crap – I can earn enough! And, that’s exactly why I’d feel bad a little, but for you – Multiply your annual salary by Y (again hidden) and add a zero to the right – that’s my monthly income!

EE: Sorry, what did you say? I’m a little weak in math and shit – getting a call, will catch up later!
Me: Happy New Year in Advance!

——End of Conversation——–

Happy New Year 2014 to all my blog readers – next time, when you come across such a person, make it a point to teach him/her a lesson politely!

Probably This is Why Men Hate Shopping!

Today, I thought I had some free ‘ME’ time to shop around on X-mas, before I head out on tours in New Year so went to UB City Mall for some shopping (and taking a look at Harley and BMW superbikes too lol)! Firstly, I got jacked in traffic for an hour, and then finally after parking my car, I realized that Harley and BMW were shutting down. Saw the BMW K 1300RR, and got the shock of my life-time – the on-road price in Bangalore, India is 31+ LAKHS!
bmw k 1300rr

The Ultimate Dilemma: What Would You Buy for Six Lakhs?

It’s been over couple of years that I’ve been using my Galaxy Note, though I did buy an iPhone 4S for my wife last year, and still got Xperia x10i, and Galaxy Tab, and iPad 2 lying switched off in my closet. And, now the battery of my phone has gone really bad, and it discharges within literally 2-3 hours of usage, and that’s why I was thinking of upgrading it.
six lakhs
I saw the Sony Ultra 6.4 inches phablet, and instantly fell in love with it, because I’ve got a thing for tablets and phablets that offer calling facility, along with big screen size – something that Galaxy Tab P1000, and iPad2 don’t! But, then I realized that the moulded design has loads of issues, and there’s no flash offered by Sony either. So, I decided to chuck it off, and since I’ve literally got the top smartphones from just about every brand, I decided to look at the luxury segment, and went to UB City to check out some ultra-luxury lifestyle phones.

Super-Luxury Phones

I saw Tag Heuer smartphones priced at 2.8 lakhs, and then the Vertu starting at 3.7L going all the way up to 10L+, which I found to be quite insane to say the least.

Update: I bought the Galaxy Note 3, and decided to keep my money for the newer obsessions – Crystal Cove ultra-luxury row house, and the Porsche Cayenne :p

Luxury Watch

Then it just struck my senses that it’s been quite some time since I bought my Rado too, and I could probably check some good options, and my eyes instantly went to the one that I’ve always longed for – ROLEX DateJust series! I saw the Rolex Oyster, and DateJust collection, but darn – they all started upwards of 4L, and whatever I liked was in the range of 6-7 Lakhs.

A Cruiser Bike
Then as we stepped out, I saw the Ducati showroom and realized that I could actually buy a nice kick-ass cruiser from Harley at that price!

Invest in a Plot of Land

And, then I also realized that I could invest the same money in piece of land in Devanahalli or Kanakapura road.

Used Car

I could even buy a used Accord that I always wanted to, Wiley’s Jeep, San Storm convertible, or even a new Ford EcoSport or Reva e2o for my wife!

Keep it Safe in form of Fixed Bank Deposit

I also realized that if I kept 7L as fixed deposit in the bank, it could earn me around Rs 63k/year as interest.

Invest in Business

I could also invest the same money into my business, and/or fund a new start-up (or perhaps couple of them), and do a whole lot of stuff, and the idea of spending 6-7L on a smartphone or luxury watch simply disappeared from my mind within no time, and I was rather kicking myself after coming back to senses, wondering what’s wrong with me, and what the heck was I trying to do, blowing off money on a stupid phone or a watch like that!

What Would You Do?

So, what would you actually do with 6-7 lakhs out of all these days? I really would love to hear that out – I know it for a fact that one of my friends wants to spend 6L on a home theater, and there’s someone who wants to put it on a vintage Corvette or Classic Plymouth, and then my gujju friends who’d like to invest it in their business, while there are a few who’d like to invest it on buying a franchise of a medicare/pharmacy chain.

Need Assured Returns for Next 3 Years at More Than 10%?

Oh, and by the way, it’s a weird co-incidence that currently we’re inviting investments in quantum of 7 lakhs itself, with assured returns of 12% for next 3 years, so feel free to shoot me a mail in case you’re interested – we keep your money as fixed deposit, and only take 95% OD against it to utilize the same as working capital, and get the lien released over first 18 months, and next 18 months fetch you only pure profits!

For those of you who don’t know me personally, a quick Google search against my name “Om Thoke” would help, and you can email me to

All You Need to Know About iPhone 6

Even though iPhone 5S and 5C are recent launches of Apple’s smartphone line, the ardent iPhone followers and lovers have already started talking about the next big release, iPhone 6. Rumors have it that the new next iPhone release would bring significant changes along with it; after all, finally we would move from “5” to “6” and it does call for big updates.
iphone 6
One of the most certain facts about iPhone 6 is that it would come with bigger screen, something that we have been missing for long in iPhones. Of course the process of making an iPhone with a bigger screen has already started as we know that Apple can’t do it overnight.

For production of a bigger iPhone Apple would need many new components and market experts say that the company has already made their orders. Some of the supply chain vendors have reported that Apple is indeed in the process of coming up with a bigger screen iPhone 6, which is expected to be launched during second or third quarter of 2014.

So, if you were dreaming of upgrading to iPhone 6, then the wait is certainly going to be much longer, and you should probably keep your eyes on the iPhone 5S and 5C for now, or look at other options like Galaxy Note 3, and Xperia Z1.