Calling all the Startup Companies in Bangalore

There has been a steep rise in number of startup companies in bangalore over the past couple of years, and every startup founder is going gaga over funding, so I thought it’d be a good idea to share the importance of business planning and chalking out the proper strategy with the young entrepreneurs.

I’d be one of the speakers at Payoneer’s event at J W Marriott Whitefield, Bangalore on Dec 16, 2015, where I’d talk a little about my journey of 8 years of entrepreneurship, how some of funded startups failed due to lack of proper business planning, while even well-planned bootstrapped companies went on to become the next Unicorn and got valuated at billions of dollars.

You can register for the event on

I’ve been noticing new startup companies in bangalore coming up every other day, but not many of them have managed to sustain.

Aspiring entrepreneurs need to understand one thing clearly though, and that’s the very fact that it’s not just about fundraising! If you’re able to bootstrap your venture, and even generate enough profits to keep it running, the it’s an achievement in itself.

I never took any angel funding so I took several years to bootstrap and expand, which otherwise could have been much faster if i had raised couple of millions from a VC. At the same time, the growth path could have been quite different if I didn’t have all the flexibilities to experiment and change the focus of Webfosys Group at each stage.

While getting funded is often treated as a measure of validation of a startup, founders must never forget the fact that fundraising is not just a one-time activity, and you’ll need to raise more funds every 15-18 months to stay in business, and expand.

Since there are literally countless startup companies in Bangalore, the chances of survival of a new startup are much lower than before, when there used to be just a handful of startups in the city.

I’d like to invite all Bangalore startup founders to attend this event, and also connect with me over Facebook or e-mails to seek free social media help, and advise on taking their venture to the next level (otherwise I normally charge min $99/hour for consulting and $299 for laying a proper roadmap)

I also have something very exciting for all the startup founders in 2016 – just drop me a PM/comment on FB or drop in a mail with a brief about yourself and your venture, to my ID – – once I’m connected 100+ active people, we’d start this during Jan 2016.

Working on My First Novel!

It’s been quite sometime i hadn’t blogged on and one of the prime reasons obviously was the fact that i was in the process of moving this over to a new domain, which sadly took a lot longer than expected, because i was too occupied with some big projects.
Recently, we delivered the website, and about to deliver one of the biggest e-commerce portals, which might become the Amazon for construction industry; these two projects chewed most of my time over past couple of months, and even when i was in U.S. for couple of weeks, i wasn’t able to focus much on my US operations. However, whenever i found some time during wee hours of the night, i kept writing my novel, and I’ve written quite a few pages, but still need to perhaps add another 80-100 pages to pack some more punch to the unfinished storyline.

My New Goals of 2015 (Revisited)

I know i’ve been away from my blog for quite some time, and now i’m restarting it with a series of Sales-a-thon, where i’d be doing case studies of sales we do every week.

Our Objective: A Sales a Day keeps the unwanted BD (Business Development Knuckleheads) Consultants Away!

Now, so whether we call this a “Twist of Fate” (reminds me of Jeff & Matt Hardy from WWE) or progressive (the Audi way!) thinking, my aim, vision, and goals for 2015 have kinda changed, and I’ve penned it down from a to z (may sound lil complex like the Constitution of India) quite literally –
a. To create 100+ Jobs in next one year
b. To build Socioboard​ as the biggest ever open source Social Media Management CRM, and grow it to 100M/day API calls (currently at 15M/day) and quickly take it to $10M valuation in 2015, and eventually to $100M+ by 2018
c. To train 1000+ students in next one year
d. To help 100+ startups foster in the country
e. To co-produce a movie
f. To be known as one of the Top Young Sales & Digital Marketing Trainers in India (i hope i’m not too old yet)
g. To start my NGO and carry forward my mother’s dream of helping the needy (she had to shut down her Blind School that she ran for 3 years in native as there was no one to look after her)
i. To expand our footprint across 10+ states in India
j. To pitch at TechCrunch Disrupt or any such event & WIN Internationally!
k. To expand our global footprint across 10+ countries
l. To sign a SINGLE 1 Crore+ contract in India & $1M+ contract globally (despite have done large turnovers i haven’t seen a single paycheck of these volumes!)
m. To accelerate 10 STRONG startups and push them to $10M+ level
n. To release my FIRST BOOK (that i have been writing since eternity now!)
o. To bring an INTERNATIONAL BRAND (like InMotion Hosting, Inc​ ) to India as exclusive partner and DISRUPT the space and make a mark.
p. To bring Jordan Belfort, The Wolf Of Wall Street​ to India and take his guidance to plan the IPO couple of years down the line
q. To form my music band again, and work on our first album release
r. To tour at least 100+ Colleges personally & pass on this message to students that you DON’T have to be just lucky to make it big – anybody can be the NEXT Zuckerberg, Jordan Belfort or Steve Jobs!
s. Help 100+ bloggers double their blogging income above
t. Help 100+ orphans or needy through my NGO & employ at least ONE person with some form of disability.
u. To help sell 100+ of any COSTLY product (like Audi cars) and generate at least 50 Cr+ Sales for a Single Client
v. To help generate total 100 Cr+ worth of revenues for our clients globally through Digital Marketing
w. To assist a celebrity in any industry
x. To meet 10+ EXCITING individuals this year, who’d become part of my mission
y. To beat all our sales records of the past, and start preparing for the IPO with $10B+ target.
z. To take Webfosys Networks​ to next level by doubling our turnover and valuation again this year, and surpass the $50M valuation somehow, and then aim for $100M by end of 2016.

In case you need any help, dont hestitate to give me a quick shout to

Lets Dream Big – Lets Blog!

Well, this is not an inspirational blog post, nor am I planning to show that rosy picture to all your wannabe bloggers and try to trick you into something stupid! LetsBlog is the name of the new program that we’re launching in Bangalore, as a part of which, I’ll be assisting all the wannabe bloggers in getting started with blogging, and learning how to make money online blogging part-time.

I say part-time, because I don’t think it’s a sensible move for anybody to actually jeopardize their job for quarter of their monthly income (to begin with!), but it can certainly become not just a substitute to their income, but even their full-time career path couple of years down the line, if they pursue things very pro-actively.

I’d be conducting physical sessions in Bangalore for now, and our Skype sessions would start few months down the line.

P.S. – I won’t be charging you a penny for these sessions (of course, you need to pay for your domain and hosting!), and I just want to form a fraternity of 1000 bloggers to work hand-in-hand with me (initially at least 100+).

So let’s dream bigger, lets blog!

What’s been Keeping Me Away from Blogging?

Well those who might have noticed the PR of this blog disappear must have guessed that I’ve been working on a new blog, no wonder i haven’t really updated this one since ages. So, what has been keeping me away from blogging?

Well, there have been lot of exciting developments at Webfosys Networks over past 6 months, and honestly, I’ve started neglecting blogging and Adsense revenues because our mainstream business has been generating quite a good amount, and I’m already slogging 18+ hours a day (and I’m writing this post at 3:45 am after having finished my regular work somehow!).

I’m planning to launch an NGO, Training Institute, and an Automotive Accessories cum Used Car portal pretty soon, and I’ve been working on around a dozen other projects that have actually kept me packed day-in and day-out.

Oh, by the way, we’ve just recruited a new sales manager couple of months ago, who has been kinda’ keeping me all the busier with all the follow-ups, and he doesn’t even let me go home until we finish all the calls! :p (Oops I just realized I need to send another followup mail to a client!!! yeah now you ask – who’s the boss!)

But, I’d like to apologize to my loyal readers about being unable to blog regularly, but I’d soon be moving this over to a new domain :)