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Who I am,

Hey folks, my name is Om Thoke, and I love to write, code, design, and market pretty much anything legit you can think of. I’m an automotive freak, and I love to help budding entrepreneurs, bloggers and teach them the art of “monetizing a blog“.

I head the Webfosys Group, and serve as global web hosting guide for, and many popular publications. You can follow my Facebook page


I’ve coded over 1500 websites, penned down over 16,000 articles, managed over 3000+ blogs, optimised 50,000+ keywords, and clocked over $3M+ global revenues over past 10 years.

If you’re struggling with monetising a blog, scaling up a bootstrapped business, raising funds for it, or marketing it digitally, you could request a consultation, and I’d be happy to help you out.

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Managing Director

I've bootstrapped Webfosys Networks since March 2009, and currently serve as the Executive Managing Director of Webfosys Group, helping in overseeing Global Deliveries, Business Processes, and driving the revenues and expanding in newer markets.

Brand Ambassador

I've been working with Dot Desi Domain registry owners as their global brand ambassador to promote the awareness of dot desi domains in India and across the globe.


I started and to help all the aspiring bloggers in India and across the globe, who have been tortured and scammed by those so-called gurus and pros who don't know a shit about SEO and digital marketing, but have been making their so-called six figure incomes by exploiting the newbies in the industry. Come and be a part of this revolution today with Desi Bloggers World Community.

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