om-thoke-profile-picHey guys, my name is Om Thoke, and I’m a cyber entrepreneur, who owns many online businesses, popular technology blogs like, programming related websites, and loves to write latest auto reviews, SEO tutorials, and help the bloggers.

Oh yeah and by the way, I’m a workaholic (ask my wife), and there have been days (or rather weeks and months) when i’ve slogged for 23 hours a day, and at times i don’t realise it’s a Sunday, and I keep working from morning till wee hours of the night, but then it does pay off, because i don’t have to worry about vacations, and i can plan one anytime I want!

Now i’m building Bloggers World (for newbies to intermediate level bloggers) & Blogging Plus (for advanced bloggers) with a mission to help 10,000 bloggers to help generate $100+ a month through my help so that I may earn the bragging rights of generating $1M/month via our blog network soon enough. If you’re struggling to make your first $100 online, contact me & I’ll do my best for FREE!

Webfosys Group

I bootstrapped an Indian SEO company – Webfosys Networks Pvt Ltd to almost $3M in global sales over past 8 years, and currently it focuses on providing social media marketing, web content writing, and web design services to hundreds of clients across the globe, including the big guns like Sarovar Hotels, Audi Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Mangalore,, a $40M funded company, Country Inn (part of Carlson Group) & many more prominent names.

Webfosys Group now currently operates across India, US, UK, Singapore & Kuwait, and I aspire to grow it to a level that we could do an IPO by 2020.

My Blogging Journey

I’ve been into the Internet marketing field for past 11 years, and spent countless nights to learn how to make money with Google Adsense, and affiliate marketing, but I don’t mind sharing a secret or two, with my blog readers.

When I started my journey, it was fairly easy to make money through Adsense, but soon with the advent of Google’s flurry of algorithms like Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, it became quite tough to generate six figure income online with Adsense.

Eventually I entered affiliate marketing field, and slowly generate $1M from 2013-2015 only from affiliate sales, and currently trying to scale up my affiliate revenues to over million dollars per year.

I also run an SEO training academy for freshers, and help fresh graduates in building a career in the field of digital media marketing. Drop me a line if you’d like to learn SEO, Digital Marketing & Blog monetisation from me!

I’ve developed several WordPress Themes, Oracle apps, web apps, and done lot of PHP, Java, & C-C++ Programming too.

My Passion Towards Writing

I’ve been the global Web Hosting Guide on, a part of NY Times Company from Dec 2010 to Feb 2016, senior writer on BrightHub, AndroidAuthority India, and countless other popular online publications.

I also write for many local magazines, and plan to launch my own magazine over next couple of years.

I’m Regional Director for Ascendant Media Group, founded by Raoul, who is one of the founding members of Forbes Council.

My Fascination Towards Cars & Bikes

I’ve extreme fascination towards exotic cars and superbikes. That’s why I update a daily post on the dedicated section of free car wallpapers on my blog too!

I’m in the process of collecting my dream top 10 cars and bikes at the moment, and currently own the following –

1. Chevy Spark Hatchback was my first little cute car in 2008-09, and I had to finally sell off, to make way in my garage for the other exotic beauties that i currently own.

2. Mitsubishi Cedia Saloon – I really wanted to drive a manual sports car, and I decided to get my hands on Cedia, and you can read my detailed review, and why I chose it over the rivals.

I don’t plan on selling it for next few years at least, but let’s see if I might have to do that, in order to make some space in my garage for the new hotties.

3. Hyosung GT 650 Sports bike – It’s my fav sports bike in Indian markets, and you can read my review, and reasons why I chose it over Kawasaki Ninja and other options available in the market.

4. Volvo S80 Sedan

5. Volkswagen Beetle Coupe

6. Ford Endeavor SUV (sold in 2016)

7. Harley Davidson 48 cruiser bike (coming soon in 2017)

8. BMW Z4 Convertible (coming soon in 2016 end in Kuwait)

9. <To be decided> – SUV -it’d most probably be the Landrover Evoque.

10. <To be decided> – The ultimate super-car – Either Lamborghini Gallardo Lp 570 or the Ferrari 458 Italia – I’d buy this even I’ve over $1M to spare, and my wife can tolerate the big blow to the bank balance, without throwing me out of the villa 😉

I’d certainly want to run a big car review company like ZigWheels one day, and test-drive Ferraris, Porsches, and all the supercars that possibly I may not be able to otherwise buy (I can just afford to buy two or three after putting all my money right now!)

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