My Unbiased GlowHost Review & Why You Should Try It

Glowhost is not one of the popular hosts out there, but it’s indeed a great choice for unlimited shared hosting for power users like me, who keep launching dozens of new blogs every month, and can’t afford to invest too much money in packages and other reputed hosts, because their unlimited hosting plans cost easily $70+ a year (even after 50% discount on standard prices), while I noticed that I could buy one for under $42/annum – you heard it right – that’s not even $3.5/month, without any commitments for buying 2-3 year plan. So, read through my unbiased Glowhost review, and know why you should probably give it a try.

Now, as most of the bloggers love to have a variety of hosting choices with them (for obvious reasons like not exposing their entire network on a single provider’s servers, IP issues etc), I know many of them keep hunting for annual hosting deals under $50.

So, I’ll be reviewing more hosts over the coming days, so that those who need hosting services from different providers on monthly basis, could benefit from these offers.

Please note that there are many good cheaper offers available for Indian bloggers, who don’t want to target the US audience, and aren’t specifically looking for Class C IPs.

How to Grab the Best Deal on GlowHost?

After clicking on this link to buy Unlimited Hosting for $4.95/mo, apply coupon code “TAKE50OFF” during checkout, and you’d be able to buy the annual unlimited web hosting plan for just $41.7, which is a steal deal for single domain.

For multiple domains, you can buy an annual plan for $59.7, which is still a good deal.

I’ve just tested Glowhost on one of my micro-niche blogs, and it has been running well even with 200-300 daily hits a day as of now, and I’ll update this post once the traffic goes beyond 1000 hits/day to let my readers know about performance of Glowhost servers.

As of now, in this GlowHost review, I’d rate them 8.5/10, and recommend my viewers to try ’em out at this great promotional price, which is about 30-35% lower than avg. market rates.

Om’s Host Rating: 8.5/10