IDFC Bank Savings Account with Incredible Offers

IDFC is one of the leading private sector banks in India providing an extensive range of Business, Personal and Wealth Management services to meet the needs of customers. With headquarters in Mumbai, it started its operations on bank 1 October 2015. Savings Account has always been the go-to choice of investment for new investors. Having a Savings Account at IDFC bank can be the perfect way to begin or add to your existing savings.

IDFC’s Savings Account comes with several smart benefits, which can help every account holder to start off successfully on his or her road to savings and eventually develop the investment portfolio. Out of the many benefits that it offers, listed below are some of the important ones:

  • Get up to an unbelievable 40% returns on your Savings Account
  • Avail an incredible 40% value savings account
  • How does the idea of getting free complimentary movie tickets each month sound? Enjoy this benefit with IDFC Savings Account
  • Enjoy unlimited fuel surcharge waiver on IDFC Debit Card

  • Open your IDFC Savings Account and avail free unlimited withdrawals at any ATM
  • Opening a Savings Account at IDFC can be done within four minutes and you can also be assured of 40% * value returns
  • You probably cannot have any other Savings Account that gives you 40% value returns
  • So, get ready to enjoy more value from your savings!

With such attractive returns, savings, value and benefits, you shouldn’t be thinking twice to open your Savings Account at IDFC!  Life can be perfect with a savings account that offers such a lot. click on this link to open your IDFC Savings Account today: