ITCWelcom Hotel Dwarka – Dear Guest – You’re Not-so-Welcome!

After two action-packed days at Jaipur, speaking at the WebnCloud Expo, followed by our Jaipur Bloggers World Meetup, I landed in Delhi this morning, and arrived at ITC WelcomHotel, Dwarka and what followed next wasn’t a really pleasant surprise – but it did give me my today’s dose of entertainment, though it wasn’t really pleasant to say the least.

In fact, this was like the most unbelievable experience at a 5-Star hotel – I’ve certainly seen similar attitude from some morons at Leela, Bangalore, and other 4/5 Star hotels occasionally, but this was a different level of shit altogether – read on and have fun!

Me: I’ve a booking, and give my reservation confirmation & ID

Guy at the counter (Not naming him publicly because although i’m frustrated i don’t want to get him fired) – Sorry it’s too early

Me: Surprised by the response

3-4 guests check out in front of me

Me: Okay, I see that few people just checked out

Guy – Yes but we dont makeup just 1 room – our team will come, they’ll have team meeting, then they start working, then they’ll make all the rooms, then you’ll…. yadda yadda yadda

Me: Looking surprised + confused + angry – so I have to wait till your employees actually finish what they want to do today? – so when would i get the room?

Guy: I dont know – come back after 10 – we might have a room for you!

ME – WTF? I already have a booking, fully paid – what do you mean – we might find a room for you?

Guy: No we don’t give rooms before 2pm

Me: Watch your tongue, this isn’t how you’re supposed to treat your customer at a 5 star, least of all places ITC WelcomHotel kinda hotel man!

Guy: We’re not asking for early check-in (out of the blue suddenly) otherwise i can charge you money

ME – Shocked – WTF – you never gave me an early check-in and you don’t even know how to talk to a customer – if i can afford to pay for the room, i can pay a little extra for my comfort if i want – but you need to tell me that, and that too POLITELY!

Guy: Hmmm (meaning whatever)

Me: It’s okay don’t give me room till 2, my friend says he’ll use the gym, and i decide to make a few calls in Delhi, and check my mails

Me: WiFi password?

Another Guy: No room, no wifi otherwise pay Rs 600!

ME: WTF – i’ve a booking and public WiFi in any bloody hotel is FREE – i get a call, i tell him to go, and get busy

I connect my Jio and start working and after a while realise that this Son of Abish won’t probably give me room till 2pm, and I lose my temper and call the GM and discover that he has been transferred (whom i knew from past) and new GM hasn’t reached the hotel yet

Finally, I call the hotel board-line again and directly ask them to transfer to Duty Manager – and she comes to rescue and tries to do damage control by allotting a room by 10 am

Meanwhile, my friend has more trauma coming his way – he’s on the treadmill with his bag next to him!

Gym Guy: Sir – is this your bag?

My Friend – Yes

Gym Guy: Sir – you don’t have a room?

My Friend – No

Gym Guy – You cant use the gym, please leave!

My Friend – WTF – gets down from the treadmill, losing his cool

Did you ask me if i’ve already taken permission to use the gym?

Gym Guy – No sir

My Friend – Then why are you asking this?

Gym Guy – Sir, if you’ve a room let me carry your luggage

My Friend – Abhi to bola room nahi hai, isliye yaha laya warna mujhe shauk thodi hai luggage le k ghoomne ka!

He comes back and tells me what happened at the gym – so we decide to call it just a bad day and take some rest, and head to break-fast table, and think of focusing on better things in life…

But the drama continues…

ME: Can you pls get me a Masala Tea?

Waiter: No

Me – WTF?

Waiter: This is a self-service buffet break-fast, so you can take it yourself!

Me- I said – Can you PLEASE get me a masala tea?

Waiter: No

Me- (Again WTF) – why?

Waiter: We dont serve – it’s a self-service buffet

Me – Maine bola – MASALA TEA – the pot over there has plain tea – do you understand the difference? Give me Ginger Tea, Masala Tea, Elaichi Tea whatever you can give me fresh!

Another waiter finally says okay, and disappears!

My Friend: Get me a sugar-less tea

Waiter: No

My Friend – Shocked! Asks – but why?

Waiter: We dont have sugar-less tea – i’ll get you black-tea

My friend – why cant you add some milk to the black-tea

Waiter: Okay i’ll get you black-tea and milk separate

My Friend – WTF – okay get it… and waits for 5 mins… then another 5 mins… I also wait and dont get my tea either

In the mean-time: I go to take idli – there’s another girl looking for bowl, confused how to take the Sambar

Girl: Bhaiya sambar chahiye – bowl dena

Waiter: Madam kya bol dena, sambhar to hai – plate me daal lo! (LOL)

Girl: WTF! – Sambhar plate me kaise lun – bowl do na (first time the moron heard “bowl do na” as “bol do na”)

Me: Mujhe bhi ek BOWL dena!

Waiter: Disappears

I come back and to my surprise, find no tissue, no water glasses nothing

Me: Bhai ab paani aur tissue to de do

Waiter- Yes sir aap baith jaiye (as though i’m in school, and he’s asking me to sit down like teacher tells a student) and again disappears

We’re wondering if we came to a 5 Star or a FabHotel? (in fact, even FabHotel never gave me such horrible treatment EVER in my life)

Horror doesn’t end here – I call the duty manager, Kamal, again to explain, and she seems to be the only sensible person, who is at least empathetic towards us and sorry about the situation – the other morons are least bothered to even say SORRY!

We go back to room, and the drama still continues…

My Friend calls reception: Wifi Password?

Reception: Please wait, we’ll call you back, and disconnects!

Me & My Friend: WTF (confused what’s really happening)

I call the duty manager again and she’s again sorry and i’m asking how many more times would you say sorry – why don’t you record a message – “Sorry, for disappointing you once again” and why do you have to cover up – tighten their screws

She: Calls the guy who goofed up at the gym

Guy doesn’t show up, citing some excuse, then she says the guy at reception was on night shift and has left already, calls restaurant manager and asks me to explain – I start getting my calls, lose patience and leave, telling that i’ve important calls to take

God knows what else is yet to follow – we’ve a booking for 2 days, but i can cancel for tomorrow, but i need to get another better place by 2pm – so let’s see!

Fun Fact: 3 Years Ago, we were in talks with the GM (who has left now) of the hotel to handle digital marketing, and I thought i’d re-initiate the discussion again, but if this is how they treat their guests, god bless them – i’d never be able to handle Online Reputation Management or Digital Marketing for them!