Kim Kardashian WMag Art Edition Gallery (Really)

Kim Kardashian has been the the center of controversies, and now she’s in the lime-light again – no points for guessing that he has posed bare again, but this time she calls it an art!
kim kardashian posing for wmag
Actually, she has gone to the next level this time around without actually even bothering to cover her body even with arms, and posing bare boldly in front of camera from all angles.

kim kardashian wmag gallery

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  When asked if she really wanted to do it, Kim replied that it’s an art issue NOT pornography (I fail to understand what she really means by that!)
kim kardashian wmagazine pictures
Anyway, since this is NOT an adult blog, I am not posting the uncensored pics on my blog, but you can find them on

Do let me know if you think it’s an art@@work or what exactly you really deem it to be!

Image Credits: Artwork by Barbara Kruger | Photographs by Mark Seliger | Source:

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